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PO Box 713
Yabkton , South Dakota 57078

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  Email:  sales@truxedo.com

For more than 50 years our family-owned business has led the industry with new and innovative tarping concepts that emphasize operator safety and convenience, product quality and durability ' with a style and appearance we would be proud to put on our own trucks.

Rebates & Offers

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Rebate banner

TruXedo 1704511 Pro-Tex™ Protectant Spray

TruXedo 1704511 Pro-Tex™ Protectant ..

Pro-Tex Protectant Spray cleans, conditions and protects to extend the life of all vinyl Truck Bed C..

TruXedo 1704998 B-light™ Tonneau Lighting System

TruXedo 1704998 B-light™ Tonneau Lig..

Illuminate the Entire Bed with one switch! Lights are operated by one control switch that mounts con..

TruXedo 1705211 Truxedo Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo Bar

TruXedo 1705211 Truxedo Truck Luggage Expe..

Handy storage sling for your truck bed that installs in seconds to keep tools, supplies, and loose a..

TruXedo 597701 TruXedo® Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 597701 TruXedo® Lo Pro QT Tonn..

TruXedo Lo Pro Qt Cover with a free-floating hook and loop system. Industrial strength hook and loo..

TruXedo 997701 TruXedo® Titanium Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 997701 TruXedo® Titanium Tonne..

Protecting Your Payload Has Never Looked So Smooth. with The Incredible Strength Of Linked And Bonde..

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